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Drink Recipes with Praline Flavoring

For all drinks, both with and without alcohol, Pralines of all flavors, Pecanfections, and Praline Topping can be used for garnish or to add praline flavor.

In cold drinks, you may need to stir or shake vigorously in order to dissolve the pieces of praline. In frozen or blended drinks, there may be a grainy texture due to this inability to dissolve. An easy solution is to add the pieces to very hot water in which they will quickly break up and melt. Let this warm mixture cool and then add to the cold drink recipe.

As you know, pralines contain small pieces of pecans. If you do not wish to have pecans in your drink, simply dissolve or melt the praline in a very small amount of boiling water. Now either strain the mixture or pour it in a blender for 30 seconds for added pecan flavor.

Feel free to experiment and create your own drinks enhanced by the delightful flavor of pralines by using your favorite recipes as a foundation.

Cold (with alcohol)

Hot (with alcohol)

Non-Alcoholic Drinks